While viewing your profile, there are options available to you via the 3 dots [ More options icon ] which are:

  • View as a list
  • Rename profile
  • Duplicate profile
  • Delete profile

View as a list

The default view for your profiles is the grid view which displays a 24hr timeline. Tapping on [ View as a list ] changes the view to just show the events listed in chronological order. By default all events are listed together, but you can view just the events for Heating, Hot water or Smart plugs by tapping on the respective header at the top of the screen.

To return to the grid view, tap on 3 dots [ More options icon ] and select [ View as a grid ].


  • What is a profile? - A profile is a 24hr timeline that includes an event/s that are used to control, depending on your Cosy system, your Heating, Hot water or Smart plugs. Your profiles are listed below your weekly schedule view. 
  • How many profiles can I create? -  Currently you can create up to 14 profiles and these will include two default profiles for Weekday and Weekend.
  • Can I delete a profile? - Yes and no. You can't delete the default Weekday and Weekend profiles but any additional profiles you create can be deleted through the App. To ensure your Cosy system remains operative, if you try to delete a profile that is currently being used, you will be prevented from doing so. See Delete profile for more information.
  • Can I change the names of the default profiles? - No. You can only change the name of new profiles you have added, simply tap on the 3 dots [ More options icon ] and enter a new name. Tapping [ Save ] will save the new name for you. See Rename profiles for more information.
  • Can I duplicate a profile?Yes. All profiles can be duplicated, simply tap on the 3 dots [ More options icon ] and then tap on [ Duplicate profile ] and you will be requested to enter a name for the duplicated version of the profile shown. See Duplicate profile for more information.
  • Do I have to have a profile for every day of the week? - Yes, your Cosy requires a Schedule to contain 7 profiles for the week. If you want to have a day where there are no events, you can create a new profile that you could name as 'Blank' or 'Empty' and then you assign this to the day/s of the week when you may not want any events.
  • Can I change a profile while my Cosy system is actually controlling my heating? - Yes, all changes you make happen in real time and changing an event within a current profile will make the change to your Cosy system straight away, it's the same as if you tapped on your Cosy display to change the heating mode, even when the heating is running.