Now that you have created a new profile, you may want to change the profile for a day of the week, so tap on any day on the Schedule screen. The screen will swipe left to reveal all profiles, with the one currently in use shown selected. Tap on any other profile to select it. The screen swipes right to display your schedule view again, and the selected profile is now listed against the day of the week you choose to change.


  • Do I have to have a profile for every day of the week? - Yes, your Cosy requires a Schedule to contain 7 profiles for the week. If you want to have a day where there are no events, you can create a new profile that you could name as 'Blank' or 'Empty' and then you assign this to the day/s of the week when you may not want any events.
  • Can I change a profile while my Cosy system is actually controlling my heating? - Yes, all changes you make happen in real time and changing an event within a current profile will make the change to your Cosy system straight away, it's the same as if you tapped on your Cosy display to change the heating mode, even when the heating is running.