From your schedule, tap on the new profile you have created and then tap anywhere on the timeline or the [ + ] icon, to create a heating event.

Choose a heating mode from the 3 options available to you by tapping on any of the icons for Slumber, Comfy and Cosy. The icon will become highlighted to show it's been selected and you will notice that the Add button changes too, depending on which heating mode you've selected. You can now select a start time and an end time for this new event.

Tapping on the start time value on the left will open a time selector spinner that allows you to select the hours and minutes for your event's start time. Once you have made your choicetap on the end time value on the right and use the time selector spinner again to select the hours and minutes for the event's finishing time.

Once you have chosen your times, tap on the [ Add heating mode* ] button and the event will now appear within your 24hr timeline. The colour and icon represents the heating mode you selected. 

You can add up to 17 events within a single profile and these can of course be events for controlling the Heating, Hot water and Smart plugs, if your group has these devices within it. Tapping on the [ back arrow ] returns you to your schedule view.


  • What is an event? - An event is a single action that you add to a profile which can control either your Heating, Hot water or Smart plugs.
  • How many events can I have per day? - Your Cosy system can have up to 6 groups and a daily profile can have up to 17 events so the maximum number of events allowed per day is 102.
  • Do I have to have a different event for Heating and Hot water? - Yes. You'll see within your profiles, there are 3 columns; Heating, Hot water and Smart plugs. These allow you to independently control your devices with the Cosy system. If you want your Heating and Hot water to come on at the same time, you will have to add similar events into the timeline for both Heating and Hot water..
  • Why are there columns for Hot water and Smart plugs when I only have a Cosy system that is controlling my Heating? - The Cosy system has the ability of controlling more than just your heating and the option to add events for these features is disabled until such time that you choose to add Hot water and/or Smart plug control to your Cosy system in the future.
  • Can I delete events? - Yes, simply tap on an event and you'll have the choice to [ Edit ] or [ Delete ] it. In this instance, tapping on [ Delete ], you will be asked to confirm by tapping on [ DELETE ]. See Deleting an existing event for more information.
  • Can I duplicate an event? - No, although you can duplicate a profile containing multiple events, while in the profile view you can only add, edit or delete an event. There is no duplicate feature.
  • Can I change an event while my Cosy system is actually controlling my heating? - Yes, all changes you make happen in real time and changing an event within a current profile will make the change to your Cosy system straight away, it's the same as if you tapped on your Cosy display to change the heating mode, even when the heating was running. See Editing an existing event for more information.
  • What is the maximun length an event can run for? - The maximum length for an event is 24hrs.
  • Can I have an event that ends after midnight? - Yes, you have the ability to create an event that overlaps into the next day.