Setpoints are the temperature settings that allow you to set different temperature values for the 3 heating modes that your Cosy system provides:

  • Cosy - The higher temperature mode setting
  • Comfy - The mid-range temperature mode setting
  • Slumber - The lower temperature mode setting

Setpoints are associated with your zones not your schedules and because they are independent of each other, you can have different temperatures in different zones for the same heating mode.

You can change your Cosy setpoints quickly and easily by tapping on the zone that you wish to change and you will be presented with the setpoints screen. The screen displays your current heating mode and the temperature that it's set to. You now have two options; change the temperature of the current heating mode displayed or switch to a different heating mode to change that one instead.

Changing heating modes is done by tapping on the mode icon of your choice. You will notice that the dial changes colour to match the heating mode chosen.

Changing the temperature setting is done by spinning the dial clockwise or anti-clockwise. You can also use the [ + ]and [ - ] buttons at the bottom of the dial to increase or decrease the temperature in increments of 0.5°C. Upon making the changes you'll be prompted to save your new setpoints by tapping the [ Save changes ] button.


  • I want to change my Slumber setpoints but the screen is showing Cosy - You can change from one mode to another simply by tapping the mode icons that appear above the dial on the setpoints screen.
  • Can I set any value for my temperature? - No, there are limits to what you can set. The Cosy system by default has a frost protection of 10°C which means the lowest value you can set your Slumber is 11°C while the highest value for Cosy is 30°C.
  • Do I have to set values for all my heating modes? - Your Cosy system comes with default setpoints for the 3 modes; Cosy 22.0°C, Comfy 19.0°C and Slumber 12.5°C. You can change these values to suit your preferences.
  • Does my heating come on when no heating modes are scheduled to come on? - If the temperature drops below the standby setpoint set at 10°C, the heating will automatically come on to ensure that the zone remains above 10°C as part of Cosy's frost protection. Occasionally you may notice the heating coming on just before you have scheduled it, this is Cosy's predictive heating turning on your heating to ensure the zone's temperature reaches the setpoint for an up and coming scheduled heating event.
  • Can I set temperatures for a group of zones? No, this is because your setpoints are associated with your zones not groups or schedules. The added benefit of this for example is that you can group all your bedrooms heating together to come on and off at the same time but each room can have a different temperature. Each room requires it's own temperature sensing device to operate this way.
  • Can I copy setpoints from one zone to another? - Yes. This is one of the great features of your Cosy system. By tapping on the copy icon that appears top right of the setpoints screen, you shown a list of zones available in your Cosy system. Simply tap on the zone/s you wish to copy the current zone's setpoints to and tap the [ Copy ] button to make the changes.