Once you have configured your Cosy system, the Live screen is shown to you to provide an overview of your system. The Live screen shows all zones, groups of zones and the heating modes currently operating across these zones along with the temperature of each zone. Depending on your configuration, where fitted, the Live screen also shows the status of your Hot Water and Smart Plug/s.

The main Cosy App menu is always accessible from the Live screen, simply tap the [ Menu ] link that appears top left of the screen to access the menu options.

There are several key features of the Live screen that allow you to manage your Cosy system:

  • Access to your schedules
  • View real time temperature in each zone

Managing your schedules

To open the schedule associated with a particular zone or group of zones on your Cosy system, tap on the 3 dots [ More options icon ] that appears within the header of the zone or group of zones you wish to make changes to. Upon tapping on the 3 dots, the header will expand to show additional features available to you and the first option is to view your schedules. Tap on the [ Schedules ] icon which will take you to the schedule screen where you'll be able to view and edit the schedule for that zone.

Visit the schedules support page that will give you full details about how to edit your schedules.

Real time temperatures

Each zone within your Cosy system displays the temperature for that zone. It must be noted that the temperature displayed is the current temperature for the zone in which your temperature sensor is located, this is not to be confused with your temperature setpoints which is a fixed value you as the user can define within the App.


  • My system is currently running in Comfy and I want to change to Cosy, how do I do this in the App? -Simply launch your Cosy App and tap on the [ down arrow ] and your heating modes will appear. Tapping on the Cosy icon will change your heating mode with immediate effect and last for the duration of 1 hour.
  • Does the App change my heating in the same way as my Cosy display? - Yes, in that you can quickly tap the App to change from one mode to another just as you do by tapping on your Cosy display. Of course the App features more functionality such as allowing you to manage your schedules and change temperature setpoints plus much more.
  • If I use my Cosy display to change my heating mode, does it change on the App as well?Yes, any change that is made via your Cosy display is shown in the App, specific to the zone in which the Cosy display is associated with.
  • Do changes I make in the App appear on my Cosy display? - Your Cosy App has many more features that are not available via the Cosy display, however instant heating mode changes made via your App will appear on your Cosy display.
  • Can I turn my Hot water off via the App while I'm away from home? - Yes, you do not have to be at home as you can still control all of your Cosy system features over the internet via the Cosy App on your mobile device.
  • Can I turn off my Hot water using the Cosy display? - No, the Cosy display is only used to change heating modes and for displaying the current temperature of the room it is placed in. The display will illuminate the bottom button when Hot water is turned on but to turn off your Hot water, launch the App and tap on the [ down arrow ] within the zone header which opens up your controls for that chosen zone which contains your Hot water. Tap the toggle switch to turn the Hot water off.
  • What happens if I turn off my Smart plug at the wall?Turning a Smart plug off at the wall will mean you are unable to control it via the App so we recommend you use the App if you wish to override the current setting of a Smart plug to turn it off.
  • I can't see where on my Live screen I can edit my schedules? - Tap on the [ 3 dots ] that appear within the header of the zone that you wish to make changes to its schedule, the header expands to reveal additional features which includes the link to access the schedule. Tap on the [ Schedules ] icon and this will take you to the schedule. Check out the schedule support page for more information about editing and managing your schedules.
  • Is the temperature shown on the Live screen the temperature of my home? - The temperature is what your Cosy display or Thaw sensor is measuring within the room it is placed in.