The Cosy status screen provides you with an overview of your system and will highlight any connectivity issues or low battery warnings for any of the devices in your Cosy system. 

You can access this screen via the App menu which is accessible from the Live screen, tapping on the [ Menu ] link and then tapping on the [ Cosy system status ] link.

When using your App if there is an issue with any of your devices or the Data/WiFi connection, an alert banner appears at the top of your screen that remains visible until you have resolved the issue.

Tapping on this banner will direct you to the Cosy system status screen that will highlight the problem and provide you with further information to try and resolve it. Once the issue has been resolved, you will be shown the status screen again to confirm your Cosy system is all working fine.


  • I think a switch is not talking to my hub? - If you think there is an issue with a switch in your Cosy system and you are not seeing the alert banner appear on your screen, simply go to your Status screen via the [ Menu ] link on your Live screen and it will show you all devices in your Cosy system and will confirm if everything is OK.
  • What information is available on the status screen? - The status screen will display all devices that have been paired with your Cosy system as well as showing your Data/WiFi connectivity status. For devices that are powered by a battery it shows, when applicable, if the battery is low and suggest that it should be changed to ensure continued operation of your Cosy system. It will also show when there is a connectivity issue.
  • Is the data shown on the status screen live? - Yes, so long as you have connectivity with the Hub, the information on your Status screen is current.
  • Can I view my status screen when I'm not at home? - Yes, the status screen is always available to view on your App, even if you are away from your home.
  • What happens if there is no internet connection at home? - If your internet connection is not available, you can still log in to your App and use it with your mobile phone data. The App will display that you have connectivity issues as outlined above. You will still be able to browse your schedules as well as add/edit/delete events in your schedules. However, any changes made are stored in the cloud and will not take effect until your internet connection is back so that the cloud can communicate with the Hub and send the changes through to it and your Cosy system.