This phase will allow you to:

  • Create accounts and associate them to your Cosy system
  • Pair all the control devices by a single button press on each device
  • Create heating profiles and schedules to control your heating how you want it
  • View the status of all your heating zones including their mode and temperature
  • Set the temperature setpoints for each zone independently of other zones

Your Cosy system controls all the heating devices in your home according to your profiles, schedules and temperature setpoints to keep you warm and comfortable at the times you need it. 

So…what are Zones, Groups, Profiles, Schedules and Setpoints?

A zone is an area of your home (such as a Bedroom) that is controlled together, it has at least one heating device and only one THAW. Each Zone has its own setpoint. 

A group (such as Bedrooms) is a group of 1 or more Zones. Each Group has its own heating schedule.

A profile is a collection of events made up from Slumber, Comfy, Cosy and Standby which are formed into a daily series of events. The two pictures below show how profiles are represented in the App, either as a grid or a list. 

There are two default profiles that you can modify (but not change the name), Weekday and Weekend and are a good starting point. 

A heating schedule is a series of profiles, with one profile assigned to each day of the week. Each day of the week can be assigned the same or different profiles. An example of a schedule is shown below where the “Work from home” profile has been set to Monday, Thursday and Friday, while the default pprofiles of "Weekday" remain for the other days of the week and "Weekend" is used for Saturday and Sunday for a zone called Dining Room.

Setpoints. Unlike normal thermostats, the Cosy system has 4 temperature settings:

  • Standby: 10°C - this is fixed and is to protect your home against frost
  • Slumber, Comfy and Cosy - you can set these temperatures to your comfort

Setpoints are set per zone using the temperature setpoints screen.