Unlike in previous versions of Cosy, your schedules are the times when you want your home to be at the desired temperature.  So rather than putting your heating on at 06:00 hoping that it will be warm enough by 07:00, Cosy now works out what the best time to put your heating on based on the devices you have in your home.

In this first phase the times are fixed but in later phases the system will become self-learning based upon many factors including previous learning, internal and external temperatures and hourly cost of energy. 

The order of which devices are switched on will also be configurable by you in future phases but for phase 1 they are set as follows:

  • Air source heat pump (ASHP)
  • Under floor heating (UFH)
  • Heating Panels

For a zone that has all 3 heat sources, the ASHP will come on first and if the zone is not warming fast enough the UFH will come on and then finally the panels.  The order will be dependent upon the actual heating source types in a zone but will always be in the above order for phase 1. In the future, the order is expected to be user configurable.