If you have hot water setup in your Cosy system within a group, you can set your Hot water to be on now for 1 hour. Simply tap on the [ down arrow ] within the group's header which opens up your controls for that chosen group.

Tap the [ Boost ] button to give you Hot water for 1 hour.

The panel within the expanded group becomes highlighted to indicate confirmation of the change. 

If you have chosen a Hot water boost in error, or if you wish to turn off before the full 1 hour has passed, you can cancel this action with the use of the [ X ] button. Simply tap the button to cancel the Hot water boost you had created and revert back to the previous mode based on your current schedule.

When the group header is closed, the icon will show that your hot water is on.


  • My Hot water is currently in Boost, but I want to add another hour, how do I do this? - You can add another hour of Hot water at any time during the 1 hour period, tap the [ Cancel ] button and when the [ Boost ] button reappears, tap to create another hour boost of Hot water.
  • Does changing my Hot water mode with a boost of 1 hour change my schedule? - No. A Hot water boost is only applied to your Cosy system for the current time. No changes are made to your schedules.
  • I changed my Hot water using a boost but it's changed back to what was running before the change - When a boost is actioned, the App automatically displays confirmation of the change to you, however it may take up to 12 seconds for the change to be confirmed with the hub. If that confirmation is not received, your Cosy system reverts back to the schedule. We suggest you try the boost again or check to ensure your Cosy system has no connectivity issues.