Your Cosy system comes with 3 heating modes; Slumber, Comfy and Cosy that you can set in your schedules. However, you can change the heating mode immediately without impacting your schedules.

Simply tap on the [ down arrow ] within a group header to open additional control options. Tapping on any of the 3 heating modes will give you 1 hour of that mode without making permanent changes to your schedules.

Upon tapping one of the heating modes, your Cosy system will immediately change the heating mode for that group and will run for the duration of 1 hour. The icon will become highlighted, and the group header colour will change to indicate confirmation of the change. 

If you have chosen a heating mode in error, you can cancel this action with the use of the [ Revert ] button. Tap the button to cancel the heating mode you had created and revert back to the previous mode based on your current schedule.


  • If I use my Cosy display to change my heating mode, does it change on the App as well? - Yes, any change that is made via your Cosy display is shown in the App, specific to the group in which your Cosy Display is located.
  • My heating is currently on Comfy, if I press Comfy, will I get another hour of heating? - Yes, no matter if the heating is currently in Standby or any of the 3 heating modes, pressing one of the 3 icons will give you an extra hour of heating for the mode you have selected.
  • Does changing my heating mode change my schedule? - No. The change is only applied to your Cosy system for the current time. No changes are made to your schedule.
  • I changed my heating in the App, but it's changed back to what was running before I changed it - When you change the mode from the Live screen, the App automatically displays confirmation of the change to you, however it may take up to 12 seconds for the change to be confirmed with the Hub. If that confirmation is not received, your Cosy system reverts back to the schedule. We suggest you try again, or check to ensure your Cosy system has no connectivity issues.