Your installer will have gone through the Configuration screens to set up your Cosy system during the initial installation. However, as a user you can still access the configuration screens if you want to make changes to how your system is set up, need to add a new paired device to a zone or change the role of a Smart In-line Switch.

To access the configuration screens, tap on the app's main [ Menu ] from the Live screen which opens the app's main menu options.

Tap on [ My Cosy settings ] and then tap on [ Groups and zones ] and you will then see your configuration screen.

From here you will be able to make changes to the way your Cosy system was initially set up and manage your existing devices or new ones that you have purchased to extend the original setup installed in your home.

Making changes to your configuration

It is important to understand that when changes are made to your Cosy system's configuration, any immediate heating or hot water boosts that are currently running will be automatically cancelled and your system will revert to the schedules. Any immediate heating or hot water boosts can be re-added to your Cosy system by accessing the controls on your live screen.


  • What is the configuration screen for? - The configuration screens were used by your installation engineer when they first setup your Cosy system. It's where all your zones and groups are created and where devices are added once they have been paired to your Cosy system.
  • Can I make changes to my Cosy system? - Yes, the configuration screens are always available to you to make changes to your Cosy system. We don't expect you to be making changes every day but when you need to, you will be able to add new devices to zones, move devices from one zone to another, create new zones (Currently we only support a maximin of 13 zones) and then group or ungroup zones. The configuration screens also allow you to rename zones, groups and device names to help you personalise the live screens to make it easy for you to know what all the zones, groups and devices are as we know Cosy systems can become complex. The configuration screens should help reduce the complexity when you are accessing the app on a regular basis.
  • Will any changes I make stop my system from working? - Possibly. Although there is no need to panic, some of the advanced settings available from within the configuration screens may have an impact on how your Cosy system works. If in doubt we recommend you read through the support pages in more detail before attempting to make changes to your system. If you are still having difficulties, please contact your local energy provider.