Adding a zone

When you are setting up your Cosy system as part of the initial installation, you will be automatically directed to the Create a zone screen following the successful pairing of all your devices.

The Create a zone screen presents you with 5 default names you can use for your zone or you can create an alternative one by tapping on [ Other ] which will allow you to enter your own name for a zone you want to add to your system.

Alternatively you can add additional zones to your Cosy system by tapping on the [ Add a zone ] button that appears on the Configuration screen.

After choosing a default zone or creating one of your own, you will be presented with a list of all the devicesthat have been paired during the pairing process. If this is the first zone in your Cosy system you are creating, all devices will be shown as'Unassigned' and therefore are available to be selected. Simply scroll up and down to find the devices you want to add to the zone, and tapping on the device will highlight the device as being selected.

Once you have selected the devices to add, tap on the [ Add to zone ] button.

When adding new zones, if any of the devices you choose to add are In-line Switches, the Advanced settingsscreen will be displayed to allow you to confirm the role of the In-line Switch from a list of options.

Advanced settings

You can access the Advanced settings screens via your Configuration screen at any time. Tap on the more options [ 3 dots ] link within the header of the zone of your choice.

Tap on the [ Advanced settings ] option to get to the screen. Depending on how the In-line Switches have been installed and what type of heating devices you have in your home, the option to choose from may include:

  • Underfloor heating
  • Panel heating
  • Radiator/boiler heating
  • Hot water

Only one role can be assigned to a device and once all roles have been assigned and confirmed, your new zone will appear on the configuration screen. If you are setting up your Cosy system for the first time, you can repeat the above process to add additional zones until all devices that were paired to your Cosy system have been allocated to zones.

Deleting a zone

You can choose to delete a zone by tapping on the more options [ 3 dots ] link that appears within the zone's header.

Selecting [ Delete zone ] from the options presented to you will delete the zone. You will be prompted to confirm this deletion in case you have selected this option in error.

If you have any devices in the zone you are deleting, these will remain paired to your Cosy system, but importantly will NOT be controlled by your Cosy system until they are added to another zone. If you delete a zone that contains active devices, those devices will no longer be controlled by your Cosy system but will remain paired and available to add to existing zones or a new zone.


  • How many zones can I create? - Your Cosy system can have up to a maximum of 13 zones.
  • Can I group zones together? - Yes, the configuration screen gives you the opportunity to group zones together. Check out further details about grouping and ungrouping zones in your Cosy system.
  • Can I delete a zone? - Yes, you can delete a zone from your configuration. Tap on the more options [ 3 dots ] link and choose [ Delete zone ] from the list of options.
  • How many devices can I put into a zone? - The maximum number of devices in any zone is 12.
  • I keep getting a message that my zone is not configured correctly - All zones require the correct combination of devices to work correctly. The app will analyse the devices you add when creating a zone and if the combination of devices is not deemed a valid zone, the app will display an error icon against the zone in the configuration screen. We have created a full list of valid combinations of devices for you to understand what you require for a valid zone.
  • I want to create a zone called study but I do not see study in the list of zones when I go to create one? - That's not a problem, we've included a sixth option called [ Other ]. Simply tap on this and when prompted, enter the word 'Study' and that will create a new zone for you called Study.
  • Can I have an empty zone? - Yes, if you have chosen to remove all devices from a zone, it's possible to have an empty zone. The [ Add/remove devices ] link remains visible for an empty zone to allow you to add devices back into the zone. Zones remain in your Configuration until you choose to remove them via the more options menu link.