Grouping zones

When you have multiple zones in your Cosy system, you can choose to group two or more zones together so that they are all controlled by one schedule.

From your Configuration screen, tap the more options menu [ 3 dots ] and select [ Manage zones ]. The Group zones screen lists all zones available in your Cosy system.

The zone from which you've tapped on the Configuration screen is pre-selected.

Zones may be marked as grouped or ungrouped and you can select any of them to add to your new group, simply by tapping on the zone/s of your choice. Once you've selected which zones you would like to group together, tap the [ Group zones ] button at the bottom of the screen.

Upon tapping the [ Group zones ] button, you will be asked to enter a name for this group. Enter a name via your device keyboard and tap [ OK ] to confirm the new zone. These zones will now appear as a group on the Configuration screen.

All zones will now be controlled by the schedule from the first zone you selected to create the group.

Ungrouping zones

To ungroup zones, simply tap on the more options link [ 3 dots ] and select [ Ungroup zones ] from the options presented to you.

You will be asked to confirm that you wish to ungroup the zones. If you confirm by tapping [ Ungroup ] all zones in the group will be ungrouped and you will be returned to the Configuration screen with each zone being displayed separately.

In terms of schedules, all zones formally in the group will be assigned a duplicate of the schedule that was associated with the group. You will now be able to edit the ungrouped zone's schedules independently of each other.

These zones will now be marked as unassigned the next time you go to group other zones together.


  • How do I create a group? - Simply tap on the more options [ 3 dots ] link that appear in the header of a zone you want to create the group from, and select [ Manage zones ] then just select other zones to create the group.
  • How do I delete a group? - There is no 'delete' option when managing your groups. However, if you select [ Ungroup zones ] from the more options [ 3 dots ] link, this will automatically remove the group from your Cosy system. Remember that the zones in the group are not deleted, they remain in your system and all devices in those zone remain fully operational.
  • How many groups can I have? - There is a maximum of 13 groups available.
  • How many zones can I have in a group? - There is a maximum of 13 zones available.
  • What devices do I need for a group to work? - As groups are made up of zones with devices that are configured correctly, there is no unique device requirements for groups.
  • Can I have Heating and Hot water zones in the same group? - Yes. Once again, a group is just a collection of zones that are all controlled by one schedule. So any combination of zones can be grouped together, no matter if they are controlling Heating or Hot water.
  • Can I have an empty group? - No. Groups only exist when two or more zones have been grouped together. A group can not contain one zone.
  • I want to move a zone from one group to another group? - You can move zones easily from one zone to another, just select [ Manage zones ] from the more options [ 3 dots ] link within the  header of the zone you want to add other zones to. Now select a zone that is assigned to another group to move it across to the group you are updating. Note that if the zone being moved was part of a group of just 2 zones, the other group will be removed when you save the changes.
  • Can I rename a group? - Yes. Group names can be changed simply by tapping on the name in the header. Enter a new name and save the changes.
  • Can groups have the same name? - No. All groups must have unique names.