Adding a device to a zone

Each zone displayed on the Configuration screen has an [ Add/remove devices ] button. Tapping this button will present you with a list of all devices that have been paired to your Cosy system.

You can tap on a maximum of 12 devices to be added to a zone. When tapped, the device becomes selected and once you have chosen the device/s to add, tapping on the [ Save changes ] button will return you to the Configuration screen, showing the devices now added to the zone.

Deleting a device from a zone

Tap on the [ Add/remove devices ] button to return to the list of all devices that have been paired to your Cosy system.

All the devices in the zone will be highlighted and labelled as being assigned to the chosen zone. By simply tapping on a device it will become unselected from the zone. You can then tap on [ Save changes ] to return to the Configuration screen.

The devices you have removed from the zone are still paired and therefore can be added to another zone. However, devices that are not added to a zone in your Cosy system, although they remain paired, they can NOT be controlled.

Moving a device from one zone to another

You may want to move a device between zones. This can still be done by tapping on the [ Add/remove devices ] button. You will see that devices assigned to the zone you are currently looking at are shown selected and assigned to this zone. Some devices will be shown as being assigned to another zone. Alternatively some devices maybe marked as unassigned which means that they are not in a zone and thus can NOT be controlled.

So to move a device between zones, simply find the device that is assigned to another zone and tap on it. Tapping on the [ Save changes ] button will move this device across to the zone you are editing and will now be controlled by the schedule associated to the zone.


  • Can I add more devices once my Cosy system has been installed? - Yes. You can extend your Cosy system by buying additional geo devices to control more around your home. Any new device will need to be paired to your Cosy system and once successfully paired, it will appear in your list of devices which can then be added to the zone of your choice.
  • If I remove a device from a zone can I still use it? - Yes. Although devices that are not assigned to a zone can not be controlled, they are still paired to your Cosy System so simply add it to a zone to start controlling it.
  • How many devices can I add to a zone? - The maximum number of devices in a zone is 12
  • Can I have different devices in the same zone? - Yes. You can have devices that control Heating and Hot water in the same zone. The zone's schedule allows you to independently control Heating and Hot water.
  • A device is not turning on with my schedules? - If a device is not working, it's advisable to check first to ensure that the device is both paired to your Cosy system and is assigned to the zone in which the device is located and that the device has power to it. If the device still doesn't appear to be turning on and off, please contact your local energy provider for further help and assistance.