If your Cosy configuration includes multiple heat source types, then you will be shown the Heating preferences screen after setting up all your zones and groups.

Your Cosy app by default lists heating devices in order of efficiency:

  • Air source heat pump
  • Panel heating
  • Underfloor heating
  • Gas central heating

You can reorder by simply dragging a device up or down the list presented to you.

When setting up your Cosy system for the first time and once you are happy with the order that your heating devices will come on, tapping the [ Confirm ] button will take you through to the Congratulations screen.

Please note that your heating preferences are system wide and do not relate to individual zones that you may have configured in your Cosy system.

If the user has only 1 heating source, they will bypass this screen and go directly to the Congratulations screen when they tap on the [ Continue ] button on the configuration screen.


  • My home only uses panel heating, where is the Heating  screen? - We only show you the Heating preferences screen when you have 2 or more heating devices connected to your Cosy system.
  • Can I order my heating devices in any order? - Yes, while we choose a default order to be optimised for efficiency, you are able to reorder all devices how ever you prefer.
  • Can I only access the preferences screen when setting up my Cosy for the first time? - No, you will still be able to access your Heating preferences via the app's main navigation.