Your installer will have gone through the Configuration screens to set up your Cosy system during the initial installation. However, as a user, you can still manage your devices if you want to make changes to the sensor value of your thermistor.

To access the Manage devices screen, tap on the app's main [ Menu ] from the Live screen which opens the app's main menu options.

Tap on [ My Cosy settings ] and then tap on [ Manage devices ] and you will then see the list of all paired devices to your system.  

Tap on the [ three dots ] menu option in the Underfloor Heating Controller cell and chose the Device setting option. You will be taken to the screen that lists six different sensor values that you can select for your thermistor. From here you will be able to make changes to the way your Underfloor Heating Controllers were initially set up. 

Changing the sensor value in your Underfloor Heating Controller

It is important to understand that by choosing the wrong sensor value, your underfloor heating may reach temperatures which may be so high they cause damage to the floor surface. Therefore it is strongly advised that the sensor value should only be set by the trained installer. If you have doubts about the way your underfloor heating is working please contact the company that installed the system at your home so they will be able to help.