The geo home app helps you manage your heating times with profiles and schedules. These are a useful way of ensuring that you have full control of your heating and that you only have the heating on at your desired times. 

Default Schedules:

Your Trio + Heating comes with two default profiles; a Weekday and Weekend profile. These can be found in: More Menu ] > Schedules ] > Select zone ] > Your daily profiles ]. These profiles have pre-defined times built in, telling the system when to turn your heating on or off and you can assign a different profile to each day of the week.

Creating schedules

You will have the ability to create your own custom profiles as well as including your own preferred times for your heating schedule within them. You can add a new profile by selecting More Menu ] > Schedules ] > Select zone ] > Add a new profile ]. Simply give the profile desired a name and either tap the time you want your heating to turn on or press the [+] sign, this will then bring up a small window for you to set your desired temperature and the times required.

Tap to create a new profile

Next, add a profile name (e.g. bank holiday)

Set the temperature required and the time you want your schedule to turn on / off.

Your new heating event will then be displayed in the profile view below.

After you have created your schedules, you can assign them to each day of the week as you require. Simply select the day and the list of profiles available for each one as to your personal preference. 


  • What is a schedule?  Schedule is a weekly set of profiles that, depending on your Trio + Heating system, allows you to manage your Heating and Hot Water. 
  • Can I see my schedules? - Yes, the schedule for each group can be accessed via the App's menu. You can also tap on the 3 dots to open the More Menu ], select from Heating or Hot Water and pick the day of the week of the schedule you wish to view.
  • What information does my schedule show? - Your schedules will display all the events that you have created that, depending on your Trio + Heating system, will allow you to manage heating and hot water in your home. You can add, edit or delete events at anytime in your schedules.