You can choose to switch device priority on / off to meet your personal preference: 


  • On – Devices will come on in the order in which they are set.  The default order is Heat pump, Underfloor, Panel.  

    In this case the Heat pump will come on first and try to heat the zone to the desired temperature, if the system predicts that it will not reach the temperature in time, then the Underfloor will come in and then if both are still not enough then the panels will come on.

    For zones that only have 1 heat source such as underfloor heating in a bathroom, then the underfloor will always come on. (in your home this is the case).

    If heat sources are not required to turn on then they will remain off.

  • Off – Priority order is not observed and all heating devices in zone come on at the same time in


Note: If preheating is selected “On” the device priority will also be on.