The Underfloor heating controller LED can operate in various ways, once the device has been installed.

Phase 1: Normal operation

RED - Off

Green  - On

Flashing RED - Device is over current, fix issue and power cycle only

Flashing - Alternate RED / Green - Floor temperature reached

Floor temperature is set on the device by turning the grey slotted dial - 25 to 30 is normal but this depends on the floor type.

Phase 2: Manual Operation

Manual operation - press button once to toggle on / off. Green = On, Red = Off. In this mode device will resort to schedule at next event.

Temperature will be controlled by Blue slotted dial. NOTE: if temperature is reached in manual mode the floor will turn of but the LED will remain Green meaning that heating is active

Phase 3: Override

Press and hold the pair button for more than 6 seconds and the LED will go solid Amber

Floor will be on and temperature controlled by local sensor.

Press the pair button for more than 6 seconds to return to auto control

Phase 4: Factory reset

Hold the pair button and power cycle the device - release button when device starts