The Schedules function within Cosy is where you can set up different daily profiles and add/edit events to manage the heating, hot water and smart plugs in your home (depending on the set up of your system). Schedules allow you to control groups independently of each other or collectively, the choice is yours. To access the schedule for a group, tap on the 3 dots [ More options icon ], positioned top right of the group header.

This opens up additional options, including the ability to view the schedule for this group. Tap on the [ Schedules ]icon to view the schedule for your chosen group.

The schedule screen displays the days of the week, with each day having a profile assigned to it. A profile is a series of events that you create for a 24hr period, running from midnight to midnight. When setting up your Cosy system for the first time, all schedules will comprise of a Weekday profile shown for Monday through to Friday and a Weekend profile shown for Saturday and Sunday. Below the list of days, you will see all the current profiles you have available to choose from. Again, upon initial setup this will comprise a profile for Weekday and one for Weekend.

Once you have finished viewing your Schedule for the group, tapping on the [ back arrow ] will return you to your Live screen.


  • What is a schedule? -  A schedule is a weekly set of profiles that, depending on your Cosy system, allowsyou to manage your Heating, Hot water and Smart plugs. Schedules are associated to a group.
  • Can I see my schedules? - Yes, the schedule for each group can be accessed via the App's menu. You can also tap on the 3 dots [ More options icon ] to access the schedule for the chosen group on the live screen.
  • What information does my schedule show? - Your schedules will display all the events that you have created that, depending on your Cosy system, will allow you to manage Heating, Hot water and Smart plugs in your home. You can add, edit or delete events at anytime in your schedules.
  • Can I have different schedules? - There can only be one schedule per group. As the user, you assign profiles within the schedule.
  • Is there a limit to the number of schedules I can have? - You are only limited by the number of zones/groups you have available in your Cosy system which is 10 zones/groups.
  • Can I delete a schedule? - No. Although a group will always have a schedule associated with it, you can delete or change profiles from the schedule screen.
  • Can I copy a schedule? - Yes, if you want to copy a schedule from one group to another you can. Tapping on the [ copy icon ] that appears top right of your Schedule screen will enable you to copy the current schedule you are viewing to another group. See Copying a schedule for further details.