This is the control centre of the system in your home and talks to each of the devices to get information or to control it.  It also connects to your intern...
The display is used to show you the temperature of the zone that it is in as well as indicate the mode of the schedule for that zone.
Before starting the linking process, please ensure your Hub is installed correctly, as per the instructions in your Cosy setup guide and that your Hub is co...
SILS (Smart In Line Switch)
The SILS is the switching device that turns your heating on and off as well as measuring the power being used by that device. You’ll notice that the SILS ha...
SILS button and light functions
The LED used on the SILS has 3 colour states: Amber, Green and Red. It also has a fourth state which is Off (no colour). There are 6 user cases for the SILS...
THAW (Temperature, Humidity and Water sensor)
The THAW is a battery powered multi-function sensor and when installed in a Cosy system is used as a temperature Sensor.
IR Sensor
Your Air source heat pump is controlled remotely by this device via the internet to the Cosy system.